i.MX51 EVK Compiling U-boot

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i.MX51 EVK Compiling U-boot

i.MX51 EVK Compiling U-boot

Changing Freescale's BSP U-boot using LTIB

This quick recipe demonstrates how to compile U-boot using Freescale BSP.

0. After installing i.MX51 BSP:

1. Extract u-boot source:

./ltib -m prep -p u-boot 

2. (optional) If you wish to apply changes to the code, the source is located at: <ltib path>/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08

3. Compile u-boot for the i.MX51 EVK

./ltib -m scbuilb -p u-boot 

4. Copy the compiled file to a SD card on your host machine, insert the SD card and:

$ sudo dd if=rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08/u-boot.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512  

/dev/mmcblk0 should replaced according to your host, use "dmesg" after inserting the SD to find out where is the SD on your host. Unmount it before issuing the dd command.


5. Insert the SD on the i.MX 51 EVK, set the switches for SD Card boot and power on the board.

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