Wi-Fi Display Sink in i.MX6 Android release

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Wi-Fi Display Sink in i.MX6 Android release

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Wi-Fi Display Sink in i.MX6 Android release

** If you cannot access the www.youtube.com you may watch the Wi-Fi Display Sink Demo in here: **

********      http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzczMzQ2MTc2.html             ********



We already have the strong i.MX 6 to support the Android kitkat now. So we also develop the WiFi Display Sink in it.

With Wi-FI Display technology we can cast the screen and audio to another one via Wi-Fi P2p. It's also named the Miracast.

Freescale extends Android by offering a Wi-Fi Display Sink feature. The Wi-Fi hardware module used for this feature are the Realtek RTL8821AS , RTL8723AS and AR6233 SDIO Cards. But the design of this feature allows porting to any Wi-Fi hardware module. Using the Freescale Wi-Fi Display Sink API and the demonstration application, users can easily develop their own Sink Application. This feature has been verified using several of the most popular Android phones and tablets.

Our Wi-Fi Display has the following highlight feature:

  • Low latency
  • Support UIBC (When Source device uses Freescale Android maddev_kk4.4.3-2.0.0)
  • Rapid recovery from network congestion
  • Compatibility to different vendor Wi-Fi chips and Wi-Fi Display devices

From the demo video we can cast the stopwatch and measure the latency by it. Here are the high quality video shots and we can calculate the real latency which less than 200ms!



     For the WiFi Display Spec the orange ones in below figure were achieved in our WiFi Display.


Reference pages:

      Miracast - Wikipedia

      Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast | Wi-Fi Alliance


          For more information and details about Wi-Fi Display Sink in i.MX6, please send inquiry to L2manager-android@freescale.com .





Great work, team!


Well done! It looks great.

I wonder when a BSP will be available with the Wi-Fi Display sink support?

   We have a separate extended Wi-Fi Display Sink Feature Package in the Android_kk4.4.2_1.0.0 Release. Please refer to the community thread below and attached release notes:


For more details on the Android 4.4 Extended package offerings you will need to contactL2manager-android@freescale.com.

      Freescale is offering additional packages to extend Android KK4.4 core functionality. These packages will be available to approved customers (a request will need to be made toL2manager-android@freescale.com) and will not be generally available on Freescale.com.

      There are two packages available:

1.      Extended Multimedia Feature Package

2.      Wi-Fi Display Sink Feature Package

      The source code package will be provided "as-is” with no support and will be made available to approved customers via an extranet site.

      The customer will have options to purchase support or customization services from Freescale.




Does HDCP works?

Thank you for your interest.

We are working on the HDCP for our wifi display sink now. It will release later.

Many thanks for your helpful reply.

Regarding the Wi-Fi SDIO card, among the three modules you mentioned (Realtek RTL8821AS , RTL8723AS and AR6233), which one do you recommend for the best performance? And do you happen to know where we can order a few of them conveniently?

Thanks and regards

In fact each one of them is enough for our Wifi Display. From our performance test in development environment RTL8821AS will be better as it newly designed and support 80211ac.

For ordering them you can request for Realtek or Silex for official help.



I got the package running on wandboard but cannot get it connect to a sink or source device.

I tested with the following command when using it as a sink device:

# wfd -l

Where is the IP of wandboard

The source device to test with were Sony Xperia Z3 and Moto X, both failed to find the wandboard as miracast sink. Note that both devices were able to connet to Xiaomi box as sink.

For the miracast source test, I tried with the following command:

# wfd -c <ip>

to Xiaomi box and another imx6 board running Android 4.3 (the command as sink is  wfd -l <ip>:<port>)

Did I use the package correctly or missed something?


Some of the device requires HDCP verification, Imx6 hardware fails with HDCP verification. So it could be possible.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your reply. How can I tell if this is HDCP verification or other issue? Is there any ways to enable logs?


I am new to the Freescale community. I have been looking for a Miracast Sink solution on an Android platform for quite a while.  This possibilty is very interesting.

Is there a step-by-step how-to for buying the right hardware and getting the Miracast Sink solution running?

I am considering this for a conference room solution.  I would love to build a solution using this hardware and software combination.

Please forgive me if I am out of line here.  Please direct me as appropriate.

Hi Bryan,

     Thank you for your interesting in our Wifi Display.

      For buying the items I think our marketing and sales will contract you on my post soon.

      I'm the R&D engineer and able to support you on technology.

      Freescale Wifi Display based on i.MX6 DualLite and i.MX6 Quad processor. It is available on our Android and Linux BSP.

      We support both Source and Sink feature and follow the Wifi Display spec.

      i.MX6 DualLite/Quad support HDMI & LVDS output on the same time. So I think our solution can meet your requirement.

      For how to start it, get one or two our "Sabresd" platform and SDIO wifi module and get the Wifi Display Sink packages from our Sales then you can evaluate it.



you wrote " Freescale Wifi Display based on i.MX6 DualLite and i.MX6 Quad processor. It is available on our Android and Linux BSP."

i have been looking for a Miracast Sink solution on yocto linux based on i.MX6 AI platform.

Could you please advise me how to get extended Wifi Display sink feature package for linux?


Does  HDCP  work now?

i.mx6 has hdcp module only in HDMI, is it possible to implement HDCP to i.mx6?

Thank you.

Do the Android packages available for download on this site have Miracast capability or is that something I have to ask for specifically from sales?

Hi Haoran,

I'm also interested in knowing the timeline of the HDCP development. Will we see that soon?




I have some questions.

I got the package of WFD Sink and tested it successfully in i.mx6dq sabresd board.

But I can not test UIBC in WFD Sink application.

I used Samsung Galaxy S4 to WFD Source device.

Is the UIBC only supported between Freescale source and sink devices?

And how can I get the package of WFD Source?


For HDCP support, we have it supported in L5.0 GA release. Please check the release doc about how to get HDCP support in WIFI Display Sink package.

Hi Haoran, the Realtek 8821AS is a combo wifi-BT, do you know if Bluetooth is supported for this chipset module in KK4.4?

Hi All,

How to make device as miracast receiver.?



android6.0  的uibc 似乎用不了,请问,有没有库的源码部分?

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