LMbench Benchmarks on i.MX

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LMbench Benchmarks on i.MX

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LMbench Benchmarks on i.MX


  1. Build the development image (fsl-image-gui-sdk) using Yocto and flash it into the board
  2. Download LMbench's tarball from LMbench - Tools for Performance Analysis
  3. Untar the file and move the created folder
  4. Run the benchmarks following these steps:

lmbench $ cd src

lmbench/src $ make results

lmbench/src $ cd ..

lmbench $ make see


Attached are the benchmarks results from several machines. In case you run them in a different machine, please attach your results file on this document. For more robust results, rerun several times the test and create the result document following these steps:

lmbench $ make results

lmbench $ make rerun

lmbench $ make rerun

lmbench $ make rerun

lmbench $ cd results

lmbench/results $ make > results # results is the output file you may want to attach to this document

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