How to add 3G modem in Sabresx board

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How to add 3G modem in Sabresx board

How to add 3G modem in Sabresx board


The purpose of this document is to describe how to enable 3G modem in i.MX sabresx board for Android software.

Hardware Changes

Unlike other boards of series, in sabresx board  3G modem doesn't share to use PCIE slot any longer. It is not connected with PCIE slot by default. So if you still want to use 3G modem like in sabresd board. You need to do a tiny hardware rework. Like the below, R177 and R178 is DNP. Just add a zero resistor here.


Software patches

After you have do hardware rework above, then you should git am the attached patch to add software support which will add the dts config of 3G power. In our official release version, we don't include this patch.

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Hi waterzhou

I am working on i.MX 6 SoloX SABRE SD board to support a customer for 3G USB dongle for data connection.

The changes that you mentioned above are related to the PCIe interface.

Will the above changes also support/ applicable to  3G USB dongle?

How do we interface the 3G USB dongle with the PCIe Interface?

Thanks and Regards,


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