Enable interrupt on Uboot

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Enable interrupt on Uboot

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Enable interrupt on Uboot

When I am planing to develop some features in Uboot, I found it has lots limitation without interrupt. For example, to have camera preview in Uboot. Polling in Uboot results non sync when camera preview and hard to keep code simple and clean. I decided to take some time survey interrupt and it is time to share it.


This patch (shown as attachment) is to enable the interrupt. It also has the sample code to set GPIO interrupt as well. The test below showed Uboot can get the interrupt when pressing Volume up key. Special thanks for Anson Huang for patient discussing with me on this.


irqinfo is the command to enable Volume up interrupt.

The log do_irq is print when Uboot got the interrupt.



Original Attachment has been moved to: 0001-Enable-interrupt-on-i.MX6Q-SabreSD.patch.zip


Dear JayTu,

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Hi Wlodek,

Thanks for your reminder. But I can't see the "Freeshare Community". I then moved it to i.MX Community.

Another question, how can I see the space my document resident currently?


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