Alexa SDK support for NXP i.MX Boards

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Alexa SDK support for NXP i.MX Boards

Alexa SDK support for NXP i.MX Boards

meta-avs-demos Yocto layer

meta-avs-demos is a Yocto meta layer (complementary to the NXP BSP release for i.MX) published on CodeAurora that includes the additional required packages to support  Amazon's Alexa Voice Services SDK (AVS_SDK) applications.

The build procedure is the described on the of the corresponding branch.

We have 2 fuctional branches now:

  • imx-alexa-sdk: Support for Morty based releases
  • imx7d-pico-avs-sdk_4.1.15-1.0.0: legacy support for Jethro releases

The master branch is only used to collect manifest files, that used with repo init/sync commands will fetch the whole environment for the 2 special supported boards: i.MX7D Pico Pi and i.MX8M EVK. However the meta-avs-demos can be used with any i.MX board either.

Recipes to include Amazon's Alexa Voice Services in your applications.

The meta-avs-demos provides the required recipes to build an i.MX image with the support for running Alexa SDK.

The imx-alexa-sdk branch is based on Morty and kernel 4.9.X and it supports the next builds:

For the i.MX7D Pico Pi and i.MX8M EVK there is an extended support for additional (external) Sound Cards like:

  • TechNexion VoiceHat: 2Mic Array board with DSPConcepts SW support
  • Synaptics Card: 2 Mic with Sensory WakeWord support

The Generic i.MX is for any other regular i.MX board supported on the official NXP BSP releases. Only the default soundcard (embedded) on the board is supported.

Sensory wakeword is currently only enabled for those with ARMV7 architecture.

To support any external board like the VoiceHat or Synaptics is up to the user to include the additional patches/changes required.

Build Instructions

Follow the corresponding README file to follow the steps to build an image with Alexa SDK support

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