Using QSPI1 interface on VF3XXR devices

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Using QSPI1 interface on VF3XXR devices

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We are designing a board for the VF3XXR R Series Vybrid, probably the SVF311R3K1CKU2.

Our hardware engineer is planning to use QSPI1 based on the functionality listed in the Pinouts table 12.1 in the R Series Datasheet "VYBRIDRSERIESEC.pdf" - VYBRIDRSERIESEC Rev 7, 11/2014.

For example, on page 92 it lists QFP pin 47 as having ALT7 functionality of "QSPI1_A_SCK" and ditto for pins 49 to 55.

However, looking at the Device Configuration table on p.143 of the Vybrid Reference Manual, it lists the VF3XXR device as having only 1 Quad SPI.

Does this mean we can only use QSPI0 on the VF3XXR devices, even though the ALT7 functionality is listed in the pinout table for the R- Series ?

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