Pin multiplexing and daisy chain

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Pin multiplexing and daisy chain

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since many of the Vybrid's IO pins will require an additional configuration in one of the daisy chain registers to operate properly I wanted to manage this in a transparent way inside my own GPIO libraries. This will require a table that, for each pin and available alternate function, contains the address of the daisy chain register associated with that specific pin-AF combination and the value that should be written to it to enable that specific feature.

I see that in the BOOT_IOMUX_GPIO_SETTINGS.xlsx spreadsheet attached to the Vybrid Reference manual there is a nice list of pins, AF, IOMUX register values and daisy chain information for all the pins that can be configured by the boot ROM. A full list with a matrix of all pins/AF/daisy chain setting would be very useful because it will allow me to generate the table needed by my library automatically. The alternative is to take this information from the reference manual but is time-consuming and also very error prone.

Does such a table (in any human or machine readable format) exist?

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Dear Valter,

The software tool that might help you is mentioned here - Processor Expert For Vybrid Updates Released.

Regards, Naoum Gitnik.