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Post for moderation straight to 'rejected'

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Really heart-warming, these 13(!) badges I received upon logging this morning; Gee, has it really been 7 years already?

But all badges aside, I still don't seem to be trusted to post a question without going through a lengthy moderation procedure first. That's a bit disappointing. Apparently, badges are just badges. They don't mean anything.

What's even worse, is that my carefully crafted post, with code snippets and oscillograms, seems to have gone straight to 'rejected'. It is not - and has not been - under 'My Items Awaiting Approval' as ecpected, but it is under 'My Rejected Items'.

No reason given, of coarse, no button for appeal. Can you guys please fix this?

Edit: Hm, interesting; Here it does seem to appear immediately.

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