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NXP Cup Overview

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NXP Cup Overview




The NXP Cup is a global competition where student teams build, program, and race a model car around a track for speed. The fastest car to complete the track without derailing, wins. The creation of this autonomous car requires:

  • Embedded software programming and basic circuit creation using NXP parts included in the entry kit
  • Students to create motor control hardware and software to propel and steer their intelligent car
  • Students must also interface to a camera to navigate the car through the race course by following the guide line.

This competition lends itself well to use in senior design/capstone project courses.  The contest time frame can fit within the average 3-4 month semester.  Most development work can be done easily within that timeline.


The NXP Cup Challenge is a collaborative, competitive, and hands-on way for students to learn about embedded systems and control.

The NXP Cup, formerly known as the Smart Car Race began in 2003 in Korea at Hanyang University hosting 80 teams of students. Since that time the competition has spread to China, India, Malaysia, Latin America, North America, and most recently Europe in 2012, impacting more than 500 schools and 15,000 students a year. In 2010 it took the name of the Freescale Cup followed by NXP Cup after the most recent merger in December 2015.

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