Importing a Codewarrior Project (Eclipse)

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Importing a Codewarrior Project (Eclipse)

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Importing a Codewarrior Project (Eclipse)


Will ask - Do you want to add the Remote System to your workspace? Click yes


Build - select flash

Plug in your K40 board to the usb (tower is not needed in this step)

Click on debug as it will ask you which configuration you want to launch:


Select the internal flash one.

Bottom right you will see it "Launching with a little green light indicating that it is programming your board.

After clicking debug as, you will enter the debug Eclipse "view" nothing will happen until you press "resume"

Download the Zip file which is located: LED BLINK 96MHZ

How to:

Set up a debug:

Program the FLASH

Click on project in codewarrior projects menu

There is noe issue with the Kinetis chips errata 2448. The code which is in our zip file already has these changes made, but if you download Kinetis example code from the official freescale site instead of using the wiki code - it may not work. Read more about the work - around here: here

++ Test to make sure everything is working properly

CodeWarrior typically defaults to a "pause" setting when the debug is first started. To test wheter the code is working you will need to press "resume"

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