FRDM-TFC Example Code using Codewarrior

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FRDM-TFC Example Code using Codewarrior

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FRDM-TFC Example Code using Codewarrior

In this video we will look at the example code provided for the FRDM-TFC for use with Codewarrior.  

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Hey ,

I have a big problem with mi FRDM KL25Z ...

I have made a lot of test and all were good ! i success to do several thing and now i am friend with the code and code warrior !

So i intent to make my own code to the CUP , using the camera in order to control the car BUT

during the execution of the program all the shiel froze totally ... and the moto are in FULL POWER !! in my code i put the LED blinking and it Froze also !! i have to press the reset button and it is good for some seconde and again it froze in full power ...

I take the time with a chronometer between the beginning and the Froze , and it depend of the number of execution in my loop ... 50 times and Froze !!

explanation : my code is :


while(1) {

     if( ticker[0] > T)

     ticker = 0


     instruction ;





So i notice that the car froze in full power when the code do 50 times the " if ticker ..... " .

so it go out of the while after 50*T ... and all the power of the motor a the maximum ...

A dont understand why ???!!! I really need help because in 1 big month there are the qualification EMEAa ...

More over the gears of the motor transmission was broken during the shield froze because of the full power in the motor .. Do you know where i can by a new ?

BEST , thanksss


PS : Sorry i am french and my english is not really good ...

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