Example of using Simulink to drive the NXP CUP car

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Example of using Simulink to drive the NXP CUP car

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Example of using Simulink to drive the NXP CUP car

Here is a simple example developed at Politecnico di Torino, to show how the NXP CUP car can be managed using Simulink-generated code. The Simulink model is intended to move the car forward and backward for 20 seconds, or until an obstacle is found.

Any comment is welcome.

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Would be great if you could post a video demo of what this looks like.


what is the use of PolitoDriversDemo.zip?

It is sample code to program the Freescale Cup car using Matlab Simulink. The library was created by the Politecnico of Torino in Italy in collaboration with MathWorks. You can also get a free MathWorks license if you are a Freescale Cup participant. Instructions are on the community under the Knowledge Database page


Already Simulink got the source code from MBED. I am try to interface this code to Matlab Simulink. But I cant. I got a error message that Cannot create a final output file.

What is the use of this Code warrior  driver?

Dear jawahar,

The example code linked above from massimoviolante was created before MathWorks officially supported the Freescale Cup Competition and created a Support package for the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z.  Please check out the new support package and examples located on the Mathworks Student Competition page for Freescale Cup for help in using Matlab and Simulink for the Freescale Cup.

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