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Welcome to the i.MX Security Training Portal!

The goal of this portal is to provide access to training, documentation and detailed examples that help you understand and implement i.MX security features in your i.MX-based products.

You may browse focus areas for security training using the sub-topic tree below.

Access to some training content requires an NDA - instructions for requesting access to this content are provided at the bottom of this page.

Secure Boot Training Workshops

How to request access to security training material covered under NDA:

Due to the sensitive nature of security topics, access to some security training content requires an active NDA.

To request access to security training content that requires an NDA, please contact your local NXP FAE or Distribution FAE.

Your local NXP FAE or Distribution FAE will submit an access request on your behalf to the appropriate Security Training Contacts

The request should include the following information:

  1. The security training topic(s) or area(s) of interest that you are requesting access to
  2. The name of the company you work for (for verification of NDA)
  3. Your NXP community portal user name
  4. Your NXP community portal registered email address (this should be your company email address)

If an active NDA is found on file, you will be granted access to the security training content covered under NDA and will be notified when this process is complete and the content is made available to you.

If no active NDA is found on file, your NXP FAE or Distribution FAE will be notified and can assist you in obtaining an appropriate NDA.

Note: Access to content covered under NDA will be periodically reviewed to ensure that NDAs are kept current.