Bluetooth® LE Advanced Session on Localization

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Bluetooth® LE Advanced Session on Localization

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Bluetooth® LE Advanced Session on Localization

The presenter explains the key principles for localizing objects and gives a description of the silicon IP that is included in the KW devices and supports localization. Algorithms such as RSSI, Time-of-Flight and AoA/AoD are clearly described and examples of implementation are provided through the delivery of test results obtained on devices such as the KW35 and KW36. Partnership with external companies is also mentioned so that support can be obtained companies having a long experience in his technical domain.


Hi Renee,

                I want to try out these localisation methods that you have suggested. Please let me know what are the hardware required for this apart from FRDM-KW36 development board and which application is used for this. Request you to tell us a little more detailed steps on implementation which will help us get started with it.

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