Uboot code hangs for t2081

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Uboot code hangs for t2081

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I have  t2081 custom board. I am Trying  to  program the Ethernet controllers rgmii. For this purpose  in have dumped the fman micro code bin file.but i am stuck at" set_fman_liodn " function in liodn.c file. While booting it gets stuck in this function. Can any one  tell me where i am going wrong. Adding the uboot log n .H file.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

What modification did you do based on the original u-boot source code?

In addition fman micro code provided in SDK could be used on your custom board directly, no need to modify it.

You need to modify board/freescale/t208xqds/eth_t208xqds.c in u-boot source code for Ethernet configuration on your custom board.

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