T1040 L2Switch Software Support

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T1040 L2Switch Software Support

T1040 L2Switch Software Support

This document introduces QorIQ T series L2Switch Software architecture, describes how to use L2Swith demo application and SMBStax(L2Switch stack) to implement L2Switch supported features, which invoke APIs provided by L2 Switch user space driver.

1. T1040 L2Switch Ports Connectivity

2. T1040 L2 Switch Software Architecture

3. L2Switch Demo Application Feature and Usage

     3.1 Control Ports and Statistics

     3.2 Configure port based VLAN

     3.3 Control MAC table

4. SMBStax Implement L2 Switch functions

    4.1 Mirroring SPAN

    4.2 802.1 X NetWork Access Server Configuration

    4.3 QOS Configuration

    4.4 L2Switch MAC Address Learing and Forwarding

    4.5 L2Switch LLDP-MED feature

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Hi, Yiping

does T1040 L2switch's policy support modify dest mac address?

or does T1040 DPAA support modify dest mac?

thank you.


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