how to wake up from STOP1?

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how to wake up from STOP1?

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how to wake up from STOP1?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Ding,

All transitions from STOP to RUN and RUN to STOP are done inside the firmware functions. So the user does not have to handle that.


Several STOP modes are available with this microcontroller and in TPMS applications we use STOP1 and STOP4. In order to enter a STOP mode, the instruction __asm STOP needs to be called. But this instruction does not differentiate STOP1 from STOP4. It means that when __asm STOP instruction is executed, the STOP mode entered – either STOP1 or STOP4 – will depend on the existing configuration of the microcontroller. The user can configure the STOP mode with the function vfnSetSTOPMode – vfnSetSTOPMode(STOP1) or vfnSetSTOPMode(STOP4). So when this function is called, the micro will configure the STOP mode to be either STOP1 or STOP4 but will not enter STOP mode, it will remain in RUN. It will enter STOP mode upon execution of __asm STOP only. And wake up from STOP mode is also done in the firmware function.

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