Send Wireless Vibration sensor readings to firebase database

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Send Wireless Vibration sensor readings to firebase database

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Hello, I need to create the wireless sensor networks for water pump system to check the lifecycle of electrical pumps through wireless vibration transmitters and to make the internet friendly solution, I want to send the data to firebase server and for making this possible I am looking for the best IOT boards which will not only send the readings of more than one sensors which are creating the wireless sensor network together and uses much lesser as per these sensors are using. Any leads on this will be a great help.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello William,


We can recommend our LPC54018 IoT MCU Solution with Amazon FreeRTOS; which is a high-performance MCU solution for development of Amazon Web Services (AWS) enabled products. You can check all the information in the following link


Have a great day,


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