Linux Driver for MMA8451QT for 4.9 kernel version

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Linux Driver for MMA8451QT for 4.9 kernel version

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Hi All,

We are working on NXP MMA8451QT accelerometer sensor. We need to integrate the same with iMx8QM board running the yocto linux kernlel version 4.9.51.

We got the driver for the same device for kernel version (2.6.10) but it is not feasible to integrate the same driver with many

conflicts in current kernel.

Request you to provide the Linux driver for MMA8451Q with 4.9 kernel version.

Thanks & Regards,

Ravi Pichholiya

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Ravi,

First off, sorry for such a late reply.

Have you tried the MMA8x5x driver that can be downloaded from

If so, which conflicts have you seen and what EVK and BSP are you actually using? There are many different versions that can be found from web including some which have been developed by our customers. 

As far as I know, there has been no further development planned by Sensor team for the existing MMA8x5x driver mentioned above, but i.MX team very likely used and updated this driver and integrated into their Linux/Android BSP. 

So my understanding is that the MMA8x5x driver should still be usable in new Linux if not using IIO interface. Maybe some changes are needed to integrate, but it would be much easier with all the core codes already provided there.

Best regards,




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