FXTH87xx TPM sensor Pressure Measurement

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FXTH87xx TPM sensor Pressure Measurement

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I have purchased TPM sensor FXTH8705116T1- 450kpa.

I have installed it inside Tire and filled with an air pressure of 42 PSI.

The pressure value received from the sensor is 0x1FE (TPMS_COMP_PRESSURE).

From the data sheet,  0x1FE (TPMS_COMP_PRESSURE) represents pressure overflow(high). But 450kpa sensor has a range of 14 - 65 psi(100 – 450kpa).

Also when we gradually reduced the air level from tire, sensor pressure value also decreased gradually from 0x1FE (0x1EA , 0x1Ab etc.,).

For 42 psi , expected pressure value from the sensor should be around 0x122. But  receiving 0x1FE. Please help.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Amarnath,

We need more information from you to find out what is going on.

How was the actual pressure (42PSI) measured?

Was this test performed on several samples? If not, could you do it on five or ten samples?

If the problem occurs on all samples, could you try to measure the actual pressure with another mean?

Are you sure your reference is accurate?

Best regards,


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