How To Setup The CSE In The Boot Memory Map

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How To Setup The CSE In The Boot Memory Map

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Folks,


I have received a file cse_fl_fw.c  from Dave Kemble, which I believe to be the CSE code for the S32V.  However, the section on Secure Callback for the IVT Boot Up in the reference manual is extremely unclear to me (and apparently everyone else).


So, could someone provide an example of how we enable the CSE with a Secure Callback Image? 


What does this image look like? (Yes, its description is in the RM, but where do we get the different pieces?)


Is there any code that needs to be run on the M4 or A53 side to enable the CSE, Load Key Files, etc?


Where is the Secret Key and User ID Located?


Do we have a working Boot Image that maps this all out?


TRW is going to want to start working with this soon.



Scott O

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