Using UCANS32K146 to control servos with PX4 on a Pixhawk 4

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Using UCANS32K146 to control servos with PX4 on a Pixhawk 4

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I saw this video of Peter van der Perk using the UCANS32K146 as a CAN Node that publishes GPS data to the Pixhawk 4. According to the description of the board, its target applications are "Servos, ESC, motor controllers and other PWM controlled devices". Within my project we would like to control 6 servos of the type Futaba HPS A700. We are considering to use the UCANS32K146 for this purpose. Before we are buying 6 of these rather expensive boards, I'd like to make sure, that this will work and there is proper documentation for it.

I couldn't really find any documentation of how to use the board with servos. I would like to know if the firmware is provided somewhere? I couldn't find any repository. Do I need to implement the firmware for the CAN Node myself?

Also what else do I need? Are the CAN cables delivered with the board or do I need to buy them additionally? If they are not delivered: Which exact cable do I need to buy to connect the board with the CAN ports of Pixhawk 4?

Thank you very much in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


The design allows for an external bec to be used to power the servos if they are higher power or if you simply wish to use a separate power supply for the servos only.

But unfortunately, there is neither documentation nor firmware for servos.

I'm not sure if the cables are included but according to the BOM, the connectors are JST MFG. CO,  SM04B-GHS-TB(LF)(SN).

The BOM can be found in the UCANS32K146 development system – Design Files package






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