S32K144 ERM module issue

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S32K144 ERM module issue

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Hi, viewer.

Recently I have used S32K144 chip's ERM module but have some questions.

The ERM module reports a non-correctable error and the address point to an unused place.

Below is the debug window message.

The attach is my project's .ld file and .map  file.


The address 0x1FFFEB40 is not a address I have used.

And I have used the function "Debug_Watchpoint_And_Trace" (config as below) could catch the problem when the error occurred. I think it means nothing have accessed this address include pc pointer and all registers.

But I know a case that no registers and pc pointer use the address but the address is accessed.That is when the cpu load the assembly , not only the current used instruction but also more instructions which will be used later will be load to "fifo". That means there is a case that an address is not used now but it has been accessed(this issue would cause a ERM error too, while the code is running in ram, but I have been resolve it). 

So if there have the possible of the ERM error's reporting is because of the address in ram is pre-loaded in some case which is similar with the pre-load the assembly instructions? Or another issue cause the ERM error's reporting?

The attach files is my project's compiling map file and the ld file.

Thanks for your help!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi chongrui.lu@harman.com,

I understand that it is executing a function in the SRAM_L region when this ECC error is detected.

It could be because the code from the fault address is prefetched.

If the code was executed, you would see a fault exception not only this ERM error.

Where is the SRAM function located?

If you can reproduce this error, please check if the application initializes the whole SRAM during the startup.

Thank you,

BR, Daniel

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