Need information for register level coding

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Need information for register level coding

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Hello@team, I Need information of each and every steps for register level coding. Like how to access registers and where do we get those register? and how exactly know that we have to use this register after using other register?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


There is no such procedure anywhere described. Everything is based on experience and understanding how peripheral works.

Each peripheral has functional description a block diagram described in the reference manual. Usually block diagram shows you bits and registers to set to get required feature.

Also good way is to use example projects from Design Studio. There are examples for given features presented there.

It is really recommended for beginners to use Design Studio examples and Cook Book example projects to see how to start and understand.

S32K1xx Series Cookbook -


Of course each peripheral is connected to a clock system and interrupt system so it is necessary to have knowledge about these systems. However, examples also will show you know-how.


The S32K3 family does not have a series cookbook. There is an RTD in the design studio with examples.

Take a look at the existing application notes and trainings posted on the NXP website S32K1 or S32K3.

Of course the S32K1 has also RTD and SDK examples in the design studio.

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