ADC conversion issue

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ADC conversion issue

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Hello Team,

I am working on ADC driver with S32K146 controller for AUTOSAR platform. I am using Tresos tool(S32K14X_MCAL4_3_RTM_HF2_1_0_1
NXP driver stack) for code generation. I have done the below configuration:
ADC HwUnit0: one ADC group with 5 channels, ADC SW trigger, back to back mode enable, one shot trigger conversion without interrupts
ADC HwUnit0: one ADC group with 1 channel, ADC SW trigger, one shot trigger conversion without interrupts
With this configuration I am able to get the correct conversion data (verified with different voltage inputs) in HW
register but I am not able to read the data in user buffer using ADC Read Group API. I am getting ADC status as ADC busy as the conversion flag is not set after conversion.
So as per my understanding conversion flag should get set as soon as conversion is completed. Can you help me to understand this behavior or I am missing out any configuration?
If any other configuration details are needed please revert me.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @shudhamatinarha,

Please share with me the ADC configuration and its dependencies (MCL, PORT, MCU) so that I can check whether any issue with configuration. Also please share your sequence of ADC conversion.

Many thanks


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