2 Available when EEEPROM, CSEc and Data Flash are not used?

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2 Available when EEEPROM, CSEc and Data Flash are not used?

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I see the note in the S32K1XX RM. My mcu is S32K148, I want to know if  I have used the EEEPROM with the FlexRAM that I can't use the CSEc module? Thanks!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


The footnote note number 2 is related to the availability of the Flash memory. So, 2MB is available when EEEPROM, CSEc, and Data Flash are not used. Else only up to 1,984 KB is available for Program Flash.

I would like to recommend AN5401, Getting Started with CSEc Security Module


There is described FlexRAM and the section "4.1 PRGPART: Program Partition Command" describes how the start using the CSEc command:

"To start using the CSEc command set, the user must configure the device into emulated-EEPROM mode. The PGMPART command defines the CSEc Key Size and FlexNVM/FlexRAM partition between normal and EEPROM operation. It also defines whether VERIFY_ONLY functionality is enabled and whether FlexRAM (EEERAM) is loaded with valid EEPROM data during the reset sequence. Any error that occurs during command execution can be observed in the FSTAT register. For more information refer to the Program Partition Command Section of the device reference manual. "

I hope it helps you.

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