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S32DS Processor Expert Code

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


When we add new source folder (from the same SDK) to our project from Processor Expert and "Generate processor expert code" please explain the following:

Q1. Do we need to make any manual changes to the linker files to accommodate the changes added because of the new source folder?

For example, I have created a sample hello_world project from S32_SDK_S32Rx7x_EAR_0.8.3 and I want to add the source folder "rtos" which is a part of the SDK but not a part of my hello_world project. So I import the "rtos" component, from Processor Expert and do a "Generate processor expert code". Does this mean that I have successfully applied an RTOS patch on my hello_world? Or do I have to do some other changes such that I link the "rtos" folder?

Basically I need some explanation as to what  Processor Expert Code exactly does.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

A1: All what the linker does is combinging the object and library files to produce the executable. He knows where to get his files through the linker settings from the build tools output folder (usually 'Debug'). But the compiler needs to know where to find the header file (it finds its .c/.cpp source files because they are passed to the compiler via the command line). So if you have a new directory with header files in it, you need to tell this to the linker (usually with the include -I compiler option).

If you add component, then usually it generates code into the Generated_Code folder. Processor Expert can update the -I option as needed, so you don't have to worry about this.

I hope this helps,