Why placing .noinit section in Linker messes up the RAM vector table?

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Why placing .noinit section in Linker messes up the RAM vector table?

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Hello All,

I am having a problem after adding a `.noinit` section in Linker script as mentioned in this Example, after adding it variables in this section dont get init as intended but as a consequence i realized that the ADC0 interrupt was not being triggered anymore after triggering a conversion (it works if the .noinit section is removed) , after deeper analysis i realized that the the interrupt actually is fired but the DMA7 handler is being called instead, so i thought that the VTOR register might hold a wrong address of the offset-ed RAM vector table, i checked it and it hold the correct address (as per the .map file) .

So i believe that the RAM vector table is offset-ed/messed up in a way by this section (as this section is placed right before the RAM interrupts table).

i would appreciate any help

i am using S32K146


s32k146‌ s32k146 boot‌ #s32

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


thanks for report. There is a bug in the example - Vector table needs to be put on address aligned to 0x400. I'm going to fix the example. Quick fix:



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