PIC with S32K144

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PIC with S32K144

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regarding the post "https://community.nxp.com/t5/S32-Design-Studio-Knowledge-Base/EXAMPLE-S32K144-Position-Independent-C..."

I want to use a PIC with a CAN bootloader. I've used AN12323 for CAN bootloader. I want to use 2 separate application code placed into p-flash memory. Every time I'm compiling those application srec files, I have to keep the track of where it is going to sit in p-flash via their linker file. I want my code to run independently of its position. I'm trying to use picExample code for doing that. For my bootloader, i have to use a .srec file, and I'm sending those data via CAN and flashing into p-flash. 

Guys, can you please help me out here, how to use this picExample to make position-independent code.

@mikedoidge@jiri_kral  please help me here.

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