License terms for using EWL2

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License terms for using EWL2

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Dear NXP Team,

I'm using the S32 Design Studio for MPC5748G development. I can choose between different libraries. newlib is what I used in the past and which seems to be unrestricted Open Source. With S32DS, EWL2 seems to become the principal choice and I wonder if there are any legal aspects involved. I didn't find any license file but the source code claims: "All rights reserved to Freescale/NXP"

What does that actually mean? Are there any restrictions in use?

May the code be used in commercial projects?

May code, which uses the EWL, be published (including the required EWL files) as Open Source?

May such code be published as Open Source if the EWL is added only as a compiled, binary library file?

Kind regards,


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