Debug probe + S32DS: not possible to flash QSPI B chip

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Debug probe + S32DS: not possible to flash QSPI B chip

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I set up S32DS with the NXP Debug Probe, but I work with a custom S32G2 based board which has primary QSPI wired to channel B instead of channel A.
First problem I encountered is that I couldn't flash the QSPI chip in "normal mode". By trial and erorr I found out, that I can only flash the chip in "serial boot" mode.
But even then, although S32DS shows the complete flashing process and I see the probe's Tx/Rx diode flashing, I verify that the chip hasn't be flashed.

By further investigation I found out the problem is that Debug Probe + S32DS setup is designed specifically for the NXP's development boards.
This IDE assumes the primary QSPI chip is always wired to QSPI channel A, while my board boots from the QSPI B.
In S32DS QSPI channel is unfortunately always fixed to QSPI A, which is confirmed by the debugger script
Fortunately I have Lauterbach setup which allows me to flash and debug the board, so I was able to get the flashing script configuration and adapt for QSPI B flashing.

This way I can flash the board, but still only in "serial boot" mode. When flashing in "normal" mode I get the gdb error as attached (generated with unmodified

I already reported this problem to my FAE Adrian Gancev and he submitted a ticket, but I cannot access it:

I'd like to know if this problem has already been solved and I can now update S32DS to work with QSPI B.

Best regards
Michal Matyl

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