S32CT from command line

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S32CT from command line

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Hello community,

Is there any possibility to use S32 Configuration Tool without launching S32DS IDE v3.4 (using CLI)?

I saw something in "Help contents" of S32DS


But first of all there is no executive file besides s32ds in my installation. 
I tried to use the parameters with s32ds.exe, but with no success. IDE is launching normally.

Is it possible or I just do something wrong?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello @pekor ,

You are correct, the command should use the 's32ds.exe'.

I was able to perform the following command without the IDE UI launching:

C:\NXP\S32DS.3.4\eclipse>s32ds.exe -noSplash -consoleLog -application com.nxp.swtools.framework.application -HeadlessTool Peripherals -Load C:\Users\<userid>\workspaceS32DS.3.4\S32CT_commandline\S32CT_commandline_M7_0\S32CT_commandline_M7_0.mex -ExportSrc C:\s32ctgen

I created an empty project 'S32CT_commandline_M7_0' from within S32DS IDE UI and added a driver from the Peripherals tool and generated the code. Then I used the above command to generate the code again to the 'C:\s32ctgen' folder. There was no output to the screen, but the code was generated in the s32ctgen folder as expected. If you want to see the log of the command, you can edit the 's32ds.ini' file located in 'C:\NXP\S32DS.3.4\eclipse' folder and add to the end of the file:

Then you can look for the log file in 'C:\Users\<userid>\.nxp\swtools.log'

Hope it helps,


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