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setup and use xgate

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how would i setup/configure and use xgate to execute code?
in my test module i would like to issue a software request for xgate to execute some code. that code would be to force xgate to have an mpu access violation. and then from there the s12x should handle the interrupt cause by that violation.
i really have a hard time working with xgate for this simulation.
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
The default CodeWarrior S12X project shows you how to send XGATE a software request. If you are using CodeWarrior then build a new project using the wizard and you will see how to do it. I think Cosmic also have some sample projects showing this.
In principle the XGATE configuration is always the same:

1. Direct the interrupt event to the XGATE.

2. Create a thread to handle the interrupt.

3. Initialize the XGATE interrupt vector table to point to the thread.

If you need detailed instructions on how to do this have a look at AN3144.

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