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S12G Flash Secure

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Target MCU: MC9S12G128 

Hi gays. I was  trying to set up a bootloader with AN4258 and I want the p-Flash secured. So I intened to set value of @0xFF0F to 0xFF.

But after the s19 file downloaded to the mcu with USBDM. The value @0x0xFF0F could be viewed and it is 0xFE, not 0xFF. In fact, all the data in the flash could be viewed. What did I miss?

Below is what I did.

I modified an element of const array flash_array as shown in below pic.


When mcu connected to the USBDM, here we sawpastedImage_3.png

And if I modified the last element to 0x0F, we will get a ox0E in the memory. It's not secured. 

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A couple days ago, I got a reply through the email.And my problem was precisly pointed out. It's the "FLASH NOUNSECURE" problem. I put it to the wrong place.

Strange thing is that the reply and email is dispeared. And I think this is not the first time that this kind of things happened. 

I want to thank the one who responsed to my question. Thank you, whoever you are.

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