Problem with major  or minor compare???

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Problem with major  or minor compare???

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Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 4:29 am    

I have the following rummy problem.
I measure voltage with the ATD-Module. In a ISR, I write the Value of
ATD0DR0 in a struct.

It looks like this:
struct value { volatile short volt; volatile float volt_calc; }var; // (void)init_value(void) { var.volt=0; var.volt_calc=0; } #pragma interrupt_handler isratd void isratd(void) { var.volt=ATD0DR0; } // (void)calc(void) { asm ("sei"); var.volt_calc=var.volt*3.967 asm("cli"); }

Okay, that works perfectly.
I can display the value of var.volt_calc over a printf-command on the
But now, I have problems with the following command.
An example:
if (var.volt_calc<20.5){;}
This query is only true, when the value of var.volt_calc is equal 0.
It´s false, when i.e. the value is 1 or 4 or 7.4 etc.
I don´t know, what´s wrong.

I use the ICC compiler with a S12DJ64 controller.
Please, help me, if you have an idea?!?!

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 11:36 am    

I tried your code (slightly modified) in CodeWarrior, it worked for me... You could maybe try a workaround, something like:
float dummy; ... dummy = (var.volt_calc) /20.5; if (dummy < 1.0){   // smaller } 

float dummy; ... dummy = ((var.volt_calc) /20.5)-1.0; if (dummy < 0.0){   // smaller } 

maybe also do printf's of the dummy variable to see what's the value of it.

Then I have a question to you, if I may:
I'm trying to use the HW I2C on my S12DP256B, but it doesn't work. Have you gotten your code to work? Could you tell me your configuration words?


Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 11:46 am    


Thank you for the comment. It is rummy, that your code is working. But I will test your example soon. Now I am not at work.
I use a monitor program and interrupts. It is possible, that this monitor program is the cause of my problem?!?!

Okay, now to your problem "I2C":
Yes it´s working. But I don´t use interrupts in my I2C routine and it is probably not very professional, but it works.
I can send you the code perhaps per Mail?!?!


Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2005 12:31 pm    


I would not really expect the monitor to be the problem, but I'd have to see where the code-parts are placed to be sure.
I would more expect the problem to be with missing type-casting or parantheses, but that also seemed okay.

Turning off the interrupts while doing the calculation (as you do) is btw. a good idea Smile

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