Where to obtain and download kboot_k64f.bin?

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Where to obtain and download kboot_k64f.bin?

Contributor III

Looks like i bricked my NXP Rapid IoT development kit. I connected it to Hexiwear docking station, tried to flash it and now it does not want to boot up again. I tried all the recovery guidances described in Rapid IoT Prototyping Tool User's guide (pressing SW1/2/3 + reset) but it does not work. The only thing which happens after pressing SW5 (reset) is that white and blue LEDs are blinking, then light together for a while and nothing else (even the screen is blind).

Now I am trying to follow the chapter 4.1.5. (Re)Programming of K64F and KW41Z Bootloaders - Using Segger J-Link commander and precompiled binary files and I am struggling to obtain the file kboot_k64f.bin. I downloaded the SDK, but there is only kboot_kw41z.bin in it.

I was also struggling to follow the step "From your computer file explorer, drag-n-drop or copy-paste into the MAINTENANCE drive the binary file OpenSDA_V2_1.bin" as there is not described where to download OpenSDA_V2_1.bin - finally I found it could be downloaded from the page OpenSDA / - SDA V2 | SEGGER - The Embedded Experts . Nevertheless I am lost when talking about kboot_k64f.bin. Where to get kboot_k64f.bin? Could you help me to obtain this file and get my NXP Rapid IoT kit working again?

Generally said I found the documentation very stochastic, fragmented and outdated, so the beginner with this technology is qute lost :smileysad:

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Vilém,

kboot projects can be found in SDK of Rapid-IoT for both KW41 and K64F processor.

   - Copy default path location of SDK (Usually under the mcuxpresso installation path)  


   - Choose import project from the file system option and past the path you just copied in Root Directory option

There you will see the kboot_k64f/kw41z projects. You can build it and flash it to Rapid-IoT.

Please make sure to set correctly the jumpers on Docking station as described in User Guide:


Moreover, a video is available on this community explaining how to recover default bootloaders binaries:

Recovering k64f & kw41z bootloaders binaries 

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Please find the file attached.

Contributor III

OK, I built it using MCUXpresso and I managed to recover my NXP Rapid IoT Development Kit successfully - to save you some time you can download all necessary here: 

Then follow the chapter 4.1.5. (Re)Programming of K64F and KW41Z Bootloaders of Rapid IoT Prototyping Tool User's guide and finally reset the unit. Voila!