how to debug T2080RDB using T2080QDS bootrom(vxworks)

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how to debug T2080RDB using T2080QDS bootrom(vxworks)

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       I want to debug T2080rdb using T2080qds bootrom.bin(vxworks);  

      the bootrom.bin(vxworks)  can boot vxworks on T2080qds;

      now I want to use this bootrom.bin to boot vxworks on T2080rdb; 

      now ,  I meet some problems ;

       1);  t2080qds  have qixis ; but t2080rdb  no qixis;   now I delete t2080qds's bootrom (rominit.s) about qixis code , then running on t2080rdb ;  is this ok ?

      2);  I use usb tap to debug bootrom.bin(t2080qds) running on t2080rdb;  but running on ramstart function have a abnormal;  could you give me some suggestion? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

RDB=QDS-QIXIS is generally a wrong formula. First of all, QIXIS
controls reset functions, Flash chip selects, provides
information about the system and DDR clock rate. If your boot code uses any
of these, which is likely, you cannot merely remove all code that
accesses QIXIS, you have to provide a replacement. Meanwhile, the
T2080RDB carries a CPLD which implements part of T2080QDS QIXIS
functionality. Besides that, IFC chip select connection on the RDB
is different from the QDS, thus the code responsible for creating
the local memory map should be different. There are more differences.


1. Contact your boot software vendor for ready boot code for T2080RDB

2. Debug the code to see where exactly it fails and why.

3. Consult at your boot software vendor for the code porting suggestions.

4. Compare configuration files and board initialization codes
   for T2080RDB and T2080QDS in the open-source boot software, u-Boot,
   to get an idea what should be initialized differently:

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  think you for good ideas!

  I also do debug boot by method  supplying by you

  >> RDB=QDS-QIXIS is generally a wrong formula

  yes, I also think so;  but RDB or QDS cpu is the same cpu chip (T2080),   boot first stage only use T2080 inside resource(cache, etc) ,

 and ifc (nor flash) is ok, sys_refclk ddr_refclk is ok; power supply is ok;


now I use codewarrior to debug boot step by step;  when running at moving  boot text from rom to ram occur error ;  

please give me some suggestion ? 

think you very much !

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