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Hi,i have some questions about the intergrated switch T1040rdb.

As the following chart in attached file:
we want to match the specific packets which are untagged and ethertype is ARP of port 0. 
When matched, two actions:
1.       Add double vlan tag to untagged arp packets: vlan101+40
2.       Redirect  vlan=101 packets to port8
My questions are:
(1)    Does IS1 can support action 1? If not, how can we do to achieve this ?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The switch can do what you described, but there is no way to configure  for that using the CLI tool available in  QorIQ SDK. It requires advanced features/APIs  which are not in public access. Consider NXP paid Professional  Services to create a switch configuration customized for your specific task(s):

Professional Services Software Technologies (QorIQ 2017) | NXP Semiconductors 

Have a great day,

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