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Get DDR error information

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      I'm trying to biuld a uboot to detect the DDR data error on my B4860QDS board.And from the datasheet I learn that the ERR_DETEC,ERR_DISABLE,ERR_INT_EN registers that I can read them to get the error informaition.So I short-circuit two data signals of DDR to the ground deliberately,but the board can startup properly without generating a interrupt or set other error flags.I wonder if it is possible to get these DDR data error information and how to realize this in uboot?Furthermore ,it is possible to get DDR address error information?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

As you could see, ERR_DETECT register has a number of specific errors that can be detected by the memory controller. Mainly those are ECC related bits. In case of such errors, the DDR controller sets up corresponding error bits and asserts interrupt signal (if enabled). Also it captures the address and attributes of the erroneous operation. If you do not use ECC feature, nothing from mentioned above can happen.

Note that the memory controller itself (without ECC) can not know if it reads correct data or not. What you can do is to run memory tests and check if data read matches previously written data.