P1010 , OS write file error

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P1010 , OS write file error

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P1010 , OS write file error

Hello everyone,

I have P1010 + FPGA control board.

FPGA chip is mounted on the P1010's IFC interface. FPGA and P1010 is isolated by isolate buffer chip. One Norflash chip is also mounted on the P1010's IFC interface too. The file system built on Norflash.

The OS read files from file system at any time are correct.

Unfortunately, Once the FPGA is running, The OS write file to the file system will cause file system failure.

But if the FPGA stop running, the write operate there will be no errors.

I use the test fpga code which just have 1 logic and have nothing input or output pin, all pin .

O, Who encountered such a issues? How it happened?


this issue have been solved!

FPGA's IO configuration affects the Flash write

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