Linux kernel 2.6 panic/crash [@high temperature]

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Linux kernel 2.6 panic/crash [@high temperature]

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    board details: - BSC 9131 propietary board.

    Linux kernel version: - [with RT patch].


Issue:  - kernel crash with SIGILL 4 [illegal instruction].

notes: - 

  1. Issue is only noted at high temperature [board at 70 degree Celsius].
  2. DDR memory is ruled out of this [as independent read/write tests on DDR run perfectly till 90 Celsius].
  3. when kernel dumped stack trace, the instruction at Failing/Faulting instruction address is valid and right.
  4. Same board with same code runs perfectly at lower temperatures [ < 60 Celsius].
    • So sw is ruled out.
  5. The Crash prone hipriTask is ruled out of this as crash.
    • As hipriTask is high priority task and it will be only task which is executing all the time.
    • Also when crash happens, its not in one place on hipriTask, its all over the hipriTask Source Files.
    • Also, hipriTask runs fine at lower temperatures.


PPID = 1257, PID = 1265
Thread = hipriTask
TID = 1292
Stack Depth = 15
Stack Trace:
0x1015085C 0x10154C1C 0x00100350 0x101AA56C 0x101A9E48
0x101A71D0 0x10190094 0x10173390 0x1019D270 0x101B17B0
0x101AB45C 0x1015CA58 0x10149278 0x0F9FA558 0x0F6A2464


!!! Caught signal SIGILL (Illegal Instruction) !!!
SIGILL due to: 1
Faulting instruction address: 
Physical frame number of SIGILL address: 0x065c7

0x101a9cd8 : 0x38000000 901F0040 381F0024 901F0034

0x38000000 is a valid opcode for addi instruction .



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Usually DDR SDRAM operations produce similar error message.

Test memory on your boar at high temperature.

NXP CodeWarrior 10.5.1 supports QCVS tools. This tool supports DDR validation:


Use this tools for testing DDR setting on your board.

Have a great day,
Pavel Chubakov


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