Adding PEx to KDS bareboard project (with SDK)

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Adding PEx to KDS bareboard project (with SDK)

Adding PEx to KDS bareboard project (with SDK)

The C project that doesn't use Processor Expert can be converted to Processor Expert. This is useful when the user finds out that he/she would like to use additional features of Processor Expert.

WARNING! Note that in most cases this conversion involves necessary manual changes in the application code, because for example the register interrupt vectors table definitions created by the user often conflicts with Processor Expert definitions. Don't forget to backup the whole project before the conversion. Some files will have to be removed from the project. The conversion to Processor Expert is recommended to experienced users only.


  • Select the command in the main menu File > New > Other and in the New Project Wizard select Processor Expert / Enable Processor Expert for Existing C Project


  • Select the project you want to update.
  • Select the derivative that will be included in PEx project (you should use the same derivative with the _4SDK suffix that has been selected when the project was created without PEx).
  • Select the target compiler (select the GNU C Compiler by default but if you have not installed any other compiler in the Kinetis Design Studio)
  • Confirm changes (renaming of main.c module and any other changes you want to apply) and click on the Finish button.
  • The project with PEx is created but there need to be done following changes:
    • Go to project Properties to the Procesor Expert > Kinetis SDK Specific and fill the SDK path. Use browse button and select a path to the Kinetis SDK folder or fill the ${KSDK_PATH} which is default system variable. This variable points to the default Kinetis SDK folder.


  • After this project still shows some errors. Remove the PinSettings component from project and add new PinSettings component from Components Library. This process adds missing fsl_clock_manager component to the project too.
  • Press the button Generate Processor Expert Code and project should be generated without errors.
  • Remove the duplicate main.c module – the main_backup.c file (copy content of the old main.c module into the new one created by PEx) and delete the old version of the file (main_backup.c)
  • Remove all IO maps files from the original project. The KDS bareboard project have all these files included in the Includes folder by default (core_......h files and IO map files).
  • Remove all startup files from the original project. The KDS bareboard project have all these files (startup_xxxxxx.S and system_xxxxxx.c files) included in the Project_Settings/Startup_Code  folder.
  • Remove linker file xxxxxxxxxxxx_flash.ld from the original project. Use the Processor Expert.ld linker file that is generated by Processor Expert. In the context menu of the project select Properties and in the Properties window go the C/C++ Build > Settings > Tool Settings, select the Cross ARM C++ Linker / General and select the ProcessorExpert.ld file instead of MK......_flash.ld (see the following screenshot).


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