SATA initialization order

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SATA initialization order

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I use a PowerQUICC II Pro processor and try to initialize the SATA controller. I'm a bit confused about two different statements in the manual (MPC8379E PowerQUICC™ II Pro Integrated Host Processor Family Reference Manual, Rev. 1).

  1. In chapter, the CHBA register is explained. The last sentence says, the content shouldn't changed after the controller is brought online.
  2. Chapter 16.7.2 describes the initialization steps. In step 1, we bring the controller online and in step 5 we write the CHBA register.

These chapters are contradictory, arn't they? Who is right?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Thank you for the defect, I'll try to contact colleagues for the contradiction.

Generally the CHBA will be programmed once and then Host controller will be brought online, after that there is no requirement to update the CHBA.

There might be error cases where the Host controller may be taken offline and then brought online as per SATA specification, however CHBA once programmed does not require to be changed.

Do you have any different requirement?

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