Compling valgrind for PPC85xx architecture.

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Compling valgrind for PPC85xx architecture.

Contributor III

I have successfully cross compiled valgrid for PPC85xx architecture. I have following file

  • ./coregrind/valgrind
  • ./coregrind/
  • ./memcheck/memcheck-ppc32-linux
  • ./memcheck/
  • ./default.supp

I did put these files in /home/valg folder on target folder and exported the libraries as

export VALGRIND_LIB=/home/valg

I am running valgrind for "val" and getting this error.

[root@85xx valg11]# ./valgrind -v /home/val

==1023== Memcheck, a memory error detector

==1023== Copyright (C) 2002-2015, and GNU GPL'd, by Julian Seward et al.

==1023== Using Valgrind-3.11.0 and LibVEX; rerun with -h for copyright info

==1023== Command: /home/val


--1023-- Valgrind options:

--1023--    -v

--1023-- Contents of /proc/version:

--1023--   Linux version 2.6.32 (somya@somya-HP-Pro-3330-MT) (gcc version 4.2.2) #230 Mon Oct 12 14:02:51 IST 2015


--1023-- Arch and hwcaps: PPC32, BigEndian, ppc32-int-flt-FX-GX

--1023-- Page sizes: currently 4096, max supported 65536

--1023-- Valgrind library directory: /home/valg11

--1023-- Reading syms from /lib/

--1023-- Reading syms from /home/val

--1023-- Reading syms from /home/valg11/memcheck-ppc32-linux

--1023--    object doesn't have a dynamic symbol table

--1023-- Scheduler: using generic scheduler lock implementation.

--1023-- Reading suppressions file: /home/valg11/default.supp

==1023== embedded gdbserver: reading from /tmp/vgdb-pipe-from-vgdb-to-1023-by-root-on-???

==1023== embedded gdbserver: writing to   /tmp/vgdb-pipe-to-vgdb-from-1023-by-root-on-???

==1023== embedded gdbserver: shared mem   /tmp/vgdb-pipe-shared-mem-vgdb-1023-by-root-on-???


==1023== TO CONTROL THIS PROCESS USING vgdb (which you probably

==1023== don't want to do, unless you know exactly what you're doing,

==1023== or are doing some strange experiment):

==1023==   /home/valg11/../../bin/vgdb --pid=1023 ...command...


==1023== TO DEBUG THIS PROCESS USING GDB: start GDB like this

==1023==   /path/to/gdb /home/val

==1023== and then give GDB the following command

==1023==   target remote | /home/valg11/../../bin/vgdb --pid=1023

==1023== --pid is optional if only one valgrind process is running


==1023== error 22 Invalid argument

==1023== error VG_(am_shared_mmap_file_float_valgrind) /tmp/vgdb-pipe-shared-mem-vgdb-1023-by-root-on-???

I don't know what the problem is, Has someone run valgrind on powerpc architecture ? What procedure should i follow ?

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Contributor III

Currently, valgrind 3.11 is available. and according ti their website, Valgrind: Supported Platforms . Valgrind supports ppc32.     Is there any way to check memory leak in QorIQ processors with e500v2 core ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Valgrind is not supported on the QorIQ processors with e500v2 core, executing Valgrind command may result in "illegal instruction".

Currently, there is no released version of valgrind which supports SPE instructions (latest valgrind available online is 3.6.1), and there appear to be no plans on the valgrind side to implement support for these instructions.
See the following page:

Have a great day,
Pavel Chubakov

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