PMIC PF1550 + i.MX Processors Resource

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PMIC PF1550 + i.MX Processors Resource

PMIC PF1550 + i.MX Processors Resource

PF1550 is PMIC which can provide full power solution for i.MX 7ULP, i.MX 6SL, 6UL, 6ULL 6SX and RT processors-based, battery-powered systems. Especially for low-power portable, smart wearable and IoT applications.

The PN of PF1550:

Capture.PNGThe resource of PF1550 include:

The latest version Datasheet:

The latest version Schematic Guideline:

EVM board Schematic:

EVM Board User Guide:

EVM information and Tools download:

Other information:


For NDA documents and resource ,pls contact the local NXP supporter.  



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