P2010/P2020 eSDHC Specific FAQs

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P2010/P2020 eSDHC Specific FAQs

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P2010/P2020 eSDHC Specific FAQs

Can you please share throughput numbers for P2010 and eSDHC interface?

The basic data rate is 200MB/s for SD/MMC cards using 4 parallel lanes and 416Mbps for MMC using 8 parallel lanes

For P2010/P2020, is the SD device / card handled as a block device as it is for Compact flash device? If handled as block device is that implemented by internal logic or should it be implemented in sw / fw?

Yes, P2010/P2020 is handled as a block device and it does single or multi-block read/writes. This is handled by internal logic and is set up via the eSDHC register set through the drivers.

Does P2010/P2020 eSDHC interface support a SDHC card above 4GB?

Yes, eSDHC interface does support a SDHC card above 4GB. The eMMC standard is introduced in JESD84-A44. The new features of the eMMC that eSDHC does not support, are not supported. However, the basic operation of the MMC card is supported.

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