IMX8 enable HDCP function

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IMX8 enable HDCP function

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At present, we are using the IMX8MQ chip. From the reference manual, we can see that the HDCP2.2 function of the IMX8 chip is configured with the HDCP enabled configuration register,

How can I obtain the HDCP keys for IMX8? And do you need encrypted videos?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

1.NXP does not support customer programming of HDCP keys for IMX8MQ.  

2.For NXP programmed HDCP keys, the customer is first confirmed as an “HDCP adopter”.  Once confirmed, a special part number will be configured for them.  This allows NXP to track which customers receive a particular HDCP key.  NXP uses their own keys to program the devices. 

You need create a SFDC ticket for this issue.

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