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Q: How should I start to evaluate PEG?

A:   Download: Desktop and Hardware Demos

      Request for Window Builder  -  The free download is the full version of Window Builder, but no source code is provided, so applications can only be developed on provided compiled libraries (this by default is Windows, but can be extended to a EVB such as the Tower System).

       Request for further evaluation please contact Freescale sales or distributor representative.

Q: Is PEG software supported on NON-Freescale and Freescale silicon?

A: Yes, PEG Software can be licensed for for NON-Freescale and Freescale silicon. There is a discount when used with Freescale silicon.

Q:  Is the cost limited to 10,000 pieces?

A:  There are 4 licensing models.

      1) PEG Base Single Product/MCU (3 seats, <=10,000 units, 1 year support) is specific to the processor used AND the specific name and model of the customer end product.

     2) Upgrade - Unlimited Run-time for PEG Base:  There are NO limits on the number of run-time units for the PEG Base Single Product/MCU

     3) Upgrade - Same MCU across  Product Family (+3 seats, unlimited run-time): Supports a family of customer end products that use the same processor

     4) Upgrade - Multi MCU across  Product Family (+6 seats, unlimited run-time): Supports a family of customer end products that use multiple processors

Q: Is technical support included?

A:  One year of support is included with the purchase of a license and can always renew.

Q: How does the actual GUI image (in the frame buffer) get updated through interrupt routines or some other method.

A:  PEG implemented a scheduler that runs at a defined rate (20 times per second by default) and quickly checks a messaging queue.  If updates to the image are required, then the appropriate actions are taken to update the screen.

Q: How is the frame buffer decided on?  Does PEG do it as needed or does the designer set the size and update as needed?

A: PEG will define the require space for the frame buffer depending on the screen resolution, color depth, and number of buffers (i.e double-buffering, multiple surfaces, etc…)

Q: Do we have examples of wave form generation code with anti-aliasing filters?

A: There are examples of PEG drawing a variety of graphs (in the demo folder of PEG).

Q: What drivers hardware and screen drivers are supported?

A: PEG screen drivers can be developed for virtually any processor/controller. The list here includes devices for which drivers currently exist.

Q: How can I purchase PEG?

A: You can purchase it direct please contact or from a number of distributors/re-sellers:

     - AIC Japan

     - eCOS

     - eSOL

     - Express Logic

     - Green Hills Software

     - Microdigital

     - Quadros

     - Arrow

     - Future

     - Advent


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