USBDM HCS12_FlashProgrammer

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USBDM HCS12_FlashProgrammer

Contributor I

nice tools pgo,

I've got a special usage where I only need to issue a 'run', wait a couple of sec, then a 'halt'

to a HCS12.  it looks like it would be pretty simple to add to the CLI interface of

HCS12_flashprogrammer (unless there's a better way to do that or some other utility,

opensource or not). 

I can't use the entire codewarrior package in this environment to do this function and

would be happy to make the modifications myself if the source is available.

thanks for considering

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Senior Contributor V

Hi vette,

It you don't need top program the target then you could look at the USBDM API example program as a starting point for writing a simple program to do what you need..  It shows simple usage  of the USBDM interface DLL to interact with a target,


USBDM: Programming with the USBDM API


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wow, I guess I really should have clicked on that related pages tab.  will give it a go, thx pgo!

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